(H)ELP me! Aiutaci ad includerli: con la cultura si può!


(H)ELP me! What is language? What value do the sounds that we make from our mouth have? Have you ever asked yourself? Manually speaking, the language is “a spoken or marked communication system of a community”, the sounds we emit therefore serve to communicate needs, ideas and feelings to the people around us. The more the sequences of sounds we produce respond to rules established by the community in which we live and the relationships we establish with the people we talk to will be equal. But, if suddenly no one could understand what we say?

A good knowledge and culture of the language is essential for living well with the world around us and establishing a balance between us and others , for this reason – in our opinion of Sociallending – the Ethics and Economics Association has created ELP, an interesting project of social inclusion based on linguistic knowledge. The acronym ELP stands for E-Learning Platform (it is also true that adding initial H can mean help), in essence it is a digital platform that can be used in any space or time frame, dedicated to learning Italian and destined for young and very young, foreigners and immigrants living in our country. From the reading of the recent Istat data, updated to 31 January 2018, we can realize that 80% of foreign minors and immigrants residing in Italy, is between the ages of 16 and 17, an age too critical, that of the adolescence, to remain isolated from everything and everyone, especially if you are in a foreign land. Literacy in this case, as in many others, means to include.

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ELP was conceived as an extremely smart platform, can be used in total autonomy, under a “light” tutoring or by several people at the same time. The idea is to build an easy to use tool that combines business with pleasure, because a language is learned mainly by speaking it! In the plans of the Ethics and Economy association there is the service of introduction and assistance to the platform that would be provided within public places such as civic libraries, Informa-Giovani points and Hubs, places that over the years have become socialization and training focal points. Placing this service in a public area allows everyone to use it, so even those who for economic reasons do not have their own computer at home. ELP is still a pilot project, aSociallending, to collect the amount needed to start it.

To learn more about the campaign and support it, just click on this link: https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/elp-elearning-platform-nuovi-percorsi-di-formazione-per-l-inciliare-sociale/

For the platform to see the light and have a future, 10,000.00 euros will be required for the following: 7,000.00 € for the construction and monitoring of the platform, 2,000.00 € for Tutors and contents, 500.00 € to cover the costs of internal communication of the association and a further € 500.00 for project management. Once the fundraising has been completed, the estimated completion times of the association should be 6 months, 3 to develop the platform technically and 3 to put it into practice. At first E-Learning would be available only in the capital, once the platform has been run in and its effects have been evaluated and measured, it will be possible to export the service to all regions. So far 4,000.00 euros have been collected:



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